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What is ct angiography angiography is a minimally invasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions angiography uses one of three imaging technologies and in most cases a contrast material injection is needed to produce pictures of blood vessels in the body angiography is performed usingct angiography chest ct angiography combines a ct scan with the injection of dye this technique is able to create pictures of the blood vessels in the chest and upper abdomen ct stands for computed tomography how the test is performed you will be asked to lie on a narrow table that slides into the center of the ct scanner ct pulmonary angiogram ctpa is a medical diagnostic test that employs computed tomography ct angiography to obtain an image of the pulmonary arteriesits main use is to diagnose pulmonary embolism pe it is a preferred choice of imaging in the diagnosis of pe due to its minimally invasive nature for the patient whose only requirement for the scan is an intravenous linect angiography of the chest provides an excellent overview of thoracic vascular imaging with ct intended for general radiologists pulmonologists and residents in both fields this 288 page text was written by world renown chest radiologists from two of the finest institutions of thoracic imaging in the world the university of lille in france and the university of british columbia in canadawhat is a ct scan of the chest ct scan is a type of imaging test it uses x ray and computer technology to make detailed pictures of the organs and structures inside your chest these images are more detailed than regular x rays they can give more information about injuries or diseases of the

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