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Question how can i live a holy life answer in order to address the question of how to live a holy life we must first understand what holy means to be holy means to be set apart or separate from sin and evil god is holycompletely separate from everything that is evil 1 john 15six characteristics of a holy life do you try to fit jesus into your schedule or do you work your schedule around jesus god cannot fit into our plans we must fit into his writes eugene peterson we cant use god god is not a tool or appliance or credit card holy is the word that sets god apart and above our attempts to the power to live a holy life it is a wonderful thing to realize that all christians have the holy spirit if anyone does not have the spirit of christ he does not belong to christ romans 89 niv therefore if you are a christian you have the holy spiritsome scriptures for daily practice if we seek god earnestly in the prayer of faith to help us in our daily practice of the following scriptural texts and then put forth our best efforts we shall find life daily growing more holy and beautifuli really needed to knowhow i can live a holy and blameless life before my godthis is surely good food for my spiritwe ought to know that accepting jesus christ as lord and personal saviour alone isnt enough to take us to heaven but its important to live a holy and blameless life before the lordas christ is coming back for a spotless and blameless church

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